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Warning: Don't be fooled by copy cat companies who advertise with our name and have taken original content from our website. Their "knock off" products have nothing to do with our #1 rated, Prostate Support Formula, which has given thousands of men the support they seek. This website is the only source for the authentic Prostate Miracle®

How Does Prostate Miracle®
Compare To Other Prostate Formulas?

There are other prostate formulas on the market. You may be interested to know how they compare to Prostate Miracle®.

First of all, Prostate Miracle® comes in a 100% vegetable capsule.
How many others (if any) can say that ?

Secondly, you've probably heard about those so-called super prostate formulas, that contain every ingredient under the sun . . . many of which you might already be taking . . . or which could potentially result in unwanted side effects or even allergic reactions.

The truth is that the most important ingredients in promoting prostate health are beta-sitosterol, zinc, selenium and vitamin D3. Most other added ingredients offer no additional support.

Furthermore, if a prostate formula does not contain Beta Sitosterol, it is basically worthless.

It is interesting to note that although some new formulas on the market now contain over 600 mg per daily serving . . . there is no evidence of any additional support from taking than 600 mg.

It does beg the question . . .
Why would any reasonable person take a product which provides
more than they need for support ?
or which provides ingredients they don't offer any support at all ?

Prostate Wars

When "Nature's Health Supply, Inc" first began producing Prostate Miracle® in 2001, there were just a few other companies out there, who were producing prostate support formulas. Since that time, this comparison page has served as a quick reference for comparing the prostate support formulas made by these hand full of established companies. As new products have been introduced into the market place, we have done our best to quickly review them and update this page with info about how they compare to the other prostate support products.

In recent years and even months . . . the "prostate support formula" landscape has changed dramatically. Now the market is flooded with "copy cat" prostate support products . . . and it has become more and more confusing for consumers to sort out the truth about which formula provides the best support for them.

With so many "copy cat" products out there now . . . it's just not possible for us to keep updating this comparison page with every new product that hits the market . . . so we have decided to no longer review additional products for inclusion on this page.

There are however, several new "copy cat" companies that in our opinion are so unprofessional and unethical, that we feel obliged to discuss these companies and the "knock off" formulas they sell.

Fake Prostate Pill Review Sites

Almost everyday we receive inquiries as to why Prostate Miracle® isn't listed on any of the various "prostate pill review sites" being promoted online. We have written specifically about several of these reports in the section below . . . but in general . . . everyone of these reports is a fraudulent fake. They rate their own product number one, while hiding their ownership interest in both the rating site and their product. Naturally, they don't want anyone to know that the product they rate number one has the same ownership as the rating site does.

Obviously these rating sites are not impartial, as they would have you believe. Furthermore, they haven't performed any of testing they claim to have done, for if they had . . . it would have cost them a small fortune. And in fact, we have even been offered high ratings on several of these fake reports . . . for a fee. We have however, chosen to expose these frauds, rather than participate in their scams.

Though, I have no proof, it is my opinion that ALL of these fake pill report sites and the various products which each rates number one, are owned by the same unethical company. I have asserted my theory into the timeline of what actually transpired.

They started out promoting ProstaVar on a fake review site (Stigwood Research Institute) then expanded to 4 different fake review sites, but after we exposed their scam and their "F" rating with the BBB, they hatched the idea to promote even more fake pill report sites, with each rating a DIFFERENT product number one (next was ProstaNew followed by Prostate Plus and then ProstaPrin). No one would suspect fraud, since each product is different (and the new company/product alias has no apparent connection to the original company's "F" rating with the BBB) . . . funny thing is that each product has the same unsupportive formula and each site has a similar design AND each list excludes the number one rated product from the other fake list.

I guess it is really not that funny after all . . . It is actually quite sad that so many unsuspecting consumers have been duped by this fraud. We know there are many victims of this scam, because they end up calling us, telling us about their bad experience and then end up buying Prostate Miracle® and becoming customers of ours for life.

We have done our best to expose all of these scams, as we learned of them, but I must tell you it has been a daunting task, because there are so many of them now, and it takes a lot of time to constantly police the search engines in order to catch them infringing on our trademark, report it to google, follow through and find them doing it again with a slightly different name. Not to mention how annoying it is for us to have to dedicate so much space on this page to expose them. It had gotten to the point where this page had become rather user unfriendly because of all the clutter.

For that reason, this page has recently been reorganized in order to group all of these fake review scam sites (and the products they rate number one) together, rather then list them in the order that we originally wrote about them. We have not rewritten any of the reviews however, so please excuse any outdated time references that the original reviews contain.

The table of links below will hopefully make it easy to navigate through our write up of all the fake prostate pill review sites and their products and to skip past them to read other product reviews.

Fake Prostate Pill Review Site       Product they rate number one
ConsumersGuides   Ultra Prostate Support Formula
Ask Men Answers   Ultra Prostate Support Formula
ConsumerHealthShop   ViProsta
Prostate Product Review   Prostate Plus
Prostate Pill Reviews   Prostate Plus
Prostate Reviews   Prostate Plus
Prostate Pills Overview   Prostate Plus
Fischer Urology   ProstaNew
Prostate Pill Report   ProstaVar
Stigwood Research Institute   ProstaVar
Prostate Pill Insider   ProstaVar
M.D. Health Reports   ProstaVar

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Prostate Supplements (aka Prostate Research Labs)


"Prostate Supplements" et al. is the newest family of review sites that we have discovered. The product on the top of their list is their product of course Prost-P-10x.

They have obviously carefully studied our website and decided to compete with us by using a different approach from all of the fake review sites out there.

They try to earn credibility by echoing what we have been saying for years, when they state "Every website that claims a product is #1 is either owned by the company selling that product or is being paid to make those claims"

We have do not list this family of sites as "fake review sites", because to their credit, they openly disclose that they are associated with "Prostate Research Labs", the maker of Prost-P10x. It is refreshing to see this disclosure, but that is where, in our opinion, their credibility ends.

They proudly show their "2014 Prostate Supplement Reviews", which looks to me, as if it was just copied and pasted (and edited of course, placing their product number one) from another fake review site. I say this because it includes at least one product that is not even being sold anymore (certainly not in 2014). Furthermore, in this review, they attempt to separate themselves from the others by pointing out, that their site includes "Full Name Testimonials" as well as "ingredient studies listed".

The FDA does not allow the promotion of any dietary supplement, through the use of testimonials or clinical studies, which make or imply medical or drug claims. Only FDA approved drugs can make such claims and since Prost-P-10x is a dietary supplement (NOT an FDA approved drug), and is making such claims, I have no doubt that should this company ever get big enough to attract FDA attention, Pros-P-10x would be forced off the market, in two seconds flat, by the FDA for being an illegal drug.

They go on to make the following misleading and absurd claims:

Q: What do these claims mean?
A: They mean absolutely nothing!

The product claims they make therefore, are just a bunch of none sense. Moreover, to claim that their supplement is "The first Complete Clinical Grade Prostate Health Program" is nothing less than total hype and misrepresentation.

And what about their spokesperson - Dr. Geo Espinosa, N.D., L.Ac, CNS, RH (AHG) ? He apparently has earned several degrees, but what about the clinical studies that seem to be implied were done with his product?

I have looked extensively, but could not find any. Clinical studies are very expensive to conduct, often costing millions of dollars. If he had actually done them . . . Why not publish them? That would be something to legitimately brag about.

I have listened to and watched Dr Esponosa's video clips . . . all I heard was blabbing anecdotally, about how and why his product works so well. In one clip, referring to why his product (which has a multiple pill dose) is better than other products, which have only a one or two capsule dosages, he actually said "It is very difficult to get a good response with one or two pills, it is virtually impossible most of the times, so sometimes it does require to consume a couple more pills".

It boggles the mind as to how a credentialed doctor could make such an unscientific general statement like that. His inference seems to be that, regardless of what is contained in a two pill dose, it is unlikely to do you any good, unless you take a couple more.

Quite honestly, I thought his comments were pure gibberish . . . very unscientific, unprofessional and not at all convincing to anyone with half a brain. I am not at all impressed, just because he has some letters after his name or that he works at a place called "Prostate Research Labs". The only thing that he could impress me with, would be actual published clinical studies, proving his product is effective. Short of that I am very unimpressed.

This company seems to be trying to mislead people into believing that this formula has been clinically proven and/or that because some doctor formulated it, is has some "prescription-like" strength. Even their product name (Prost-P-10x) is very misleading (implying it is 10 times stronger).

The irony is that this product only contains 65 mg of beta sitosterol, which is THE most important ingredient for supporting prostate health. The manufacturer opted instead to include flower pollen and all the other useless herbs, that so many of our competitors use in their products, which makes for a longer ingredient list, but not a better product.

And if all of this was not bad enough, they use these none-sense claims to justify their exorbitant price of $89.95 (for a one month supply).

Adding insult to injury they close their pitch by saying "you get what you pay for".

I hope no one will be tricked into buying this overpriced product, thinking that since it is the most expensive, it must be the best!

Prostate Pill Reviews
(aka Prostate Pills Overview, Prostate Reviews and Prostate Product Review)

- Prostate Plus FRAUD ALERT

Why is it that just when one scam finally runs its course, another one immediately surfaces to take its place ? Is it just a coincidence or is it part of a very unethical master marketing plan ?

"Prostate Plus" is that "new kid in town" and I must admit . . . their marketing plan is brilliant and very well executed . . . but isn't that what you would expect from a scam ?

Here is how it works. They promote their product on a highly advertised site called "Prostate Pill Reviews", which in their words claims to have

And as you can probably see where I am going . . .
"Prostate Pill Reviews" has given their highest rating to:

drum roll please . . . "Prostate Plus".

Ask yourself this question . . . Why would a supposedly impartial, non profit reviewing organization pay to advertise their site ?

The answer is obvious . . . to promote their own product, which they rate number one!

The websites for both "Prostate Pill Reviews" and "Prostate Plus" are beautifully designed and really look very professional and legitimate . . . but the BIG glaring problem is that there does NOT seem to be any real organization called "Prostate Pill Reviews" . . . at least NONE that I was able to find ANYWHERE.

Does that make any sense at all ?

Their site has NO contact phone number, NO email address, NO Doctor names AND lists NO credentials what-so-ever AND the registration of both domain names are hidden behind a privacy proxy.

Now if any of this sounds familiar . . . it is because this scam is identical to that perpetrated by "The Prostate Pill Report" (and their various other aliases) where they pretended to be an independent lab, yet rated their own product "Prostavar" number one. This scam was widely exposed, as was their F-Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

I believe, but can not write with absolute certainty, that both of these scams are being run by the same principals. They may have restructured their business entities and created a new product, but it still reaks to me of the same M.O. Furthermore, take a look at the 2 websites . . . both designs look very similar as if the same person designed both:

And finally all sites participating in both scams hide behind the same privacy proxy.

It is worth noting that even though there is no domain name registration info available for Prostate Plus, the website customer care page does list Everest Nutrition Corporation as a contact, with the implication being that they produce this product. They also produce zenerx which is touted as being a penis enlarger /male enhancer.

Most people know that penis enlargers don't work and also think that any company that produces and promotes one has very questionable ethics at best. Everest Nutrition Corporation and zenerx have been exposed as a scam in both:

The Ripoff Report

and in

Dr Sahelian's scathing review

Enough about the companies . . . let's look at some of their statements:

1) They claim that their product "is the #1 Choice in Prostate Treatment"

2) Our product "contains only one ingredient scientifically proven to be critical to the effectiveness of prostate health supplements; Zinc (7.5 mg) - Sadly, Zinc is the least prevalent substance in the product, which will certainly impact on its overall effectiveness in treating prostate health issues. Prostate Miracle® also contains Selenium, Beta Sitosterol and Vitamin D3, substances whose effects on prostate health are inconclusive."

Now what about price ?
The single bottle price for Prostate Plus is $39.95.
The single bottle price for Prostate Miracle® is $25.95

Bottom Line:

Prostate Miracle® has a track record of success for over 14 years, has helped thousands upon thousands of men, and is produced and distributed by a company you can trust. Yes it is true that we are tooting our own horn. but at least we are not pretending to be an impartial reviewing agency. Why would anyone try an overpriced, unproven "Johnny-come-lately" product such as Prostate Plus, marketed by such an obvious scam?

Update July 28, 2012

It''s been about a year since Google forced this unethical company to take down their deceptive advertisement. I just noticed today that they are at it again, this time with a new web address: Still infringing on the Prostate Miracle® trademark to promote their cheap imitation product.

Update Sept 26, 2012

Well once again, Google forced them to take down their deceptive ad, which infringed on the Prostate Miracle® trademark. Today, I see that this unethical company has launched a new attack campaign, again with unauthorized use of the Prostate Miracle® trademark and copyrighted images plus ridiculous misinformation to promote their product.

Update May 13, 2013

They have launched their new fake review site - Prostate Product Review. It has the same content and misinformation as all of their other fake review sites. These guys will stop at nothing! - unbelivable!

Update July 28, 2013

They have launched another new fake review site - Prostate Reviews. It has the same content and misinformation as all of their other fake review sites. These guys are unrelentless. We forced this fraudulent and infringing site to be taken down.

ConsumersGuides / Ask Men Answers -
Ultra Prostate Support Formula
by Lawrence Supplements


Here we go again . . . This new fake review site is advertising using our trademark as a search term. with the following caption:

"Shocking! Here's What Happened When We Tested Prostate Supplements".

And just like all the other fake review sites, this one hides their domain name ownership too. It is beyond me, how anyone would trust a product review site that hides their ownership.

Could it be that they have an ownership interest or financial incentive to promote the product they rate #1 (Ultra Prostate Support Formula by Lawrence Supplements) ?

I also wonder if it is just a coincidence that this site was launched on the exact same day that we forced the makers of "ProstaNew" to remove their latest scam site, which infringed on our trademark.

These issues certainly raise red flags about this company's credibility!

It should be obvious to anyone who reads their published review of Ultra Prostate Support Formula, that the language used is NOT that of an impartial review, rather it is clearly promotional hype used to try to sell their product.

For example . . .

They say "In our tests, we saw the best results with Ultra Prostate Support Formula".

This statement begs the following questions:

Of course they can not answer ANY of these questions, because it is highly doubtful that they EVER conducted any REAL scientific studies. The type of clinical studies they imply were conducted costs millions of dollars.

Anyone can make self-serving claims regarding supposedly favorable test results, but it is another thing altogether to publish the detailed results. And trust me when I say that, any company that went through the trouble and great expense to conduct such tests, would proudly show their detailed, statistically analyzed results.

Is it even remotely believable that an impartial review site would conduct these very expensive tests ? I don't know about you, but as for me, the answer is clearly NO. If anyone would do so, it would be the manufacturer. It is obvious to me that ConsumersGuides is a fake review site and neither they nor the manufacturer have conducted any such studies.

If all of this is not bad enough . . .

Amazingly, they talk about how superior their ingredients are yet, I was unable to even find any mention of what the exact ingredients and supplement facts are.

Update 9/20/13
Today I see they have a contact page which says "This web site is operated by Altern LLC, a registered company in Los Angeles, CA".

I suppose it is possible that I missed that page during my first visit to their site or perhaps they just added it, in response to me calling them out for hiding their ownership.

Regardless, I have searched for Altern LLC on the CA Secretary of State website and was not able to find it. I did however, find ALTERN MARKETING, LLC, but can not be sure if they are the company that runs this site or not. I think they probably are, but am wondering . . .

Here is the real kicker . . . On an interior page of their site (not on the prostate section) there is an "about" page, where they make the following disclaimer: "Some of the information is sponsored by advertisers and may receive monetary compensation from the 3rd parties mentioned in the articles."

I rest my case!

Update 9/22/13
I just could not leave this alone . . . I had to visit this fake review site again to see what else I might uncover. I found that there is a heading on their site where they outline their "6 Rating Factors In Evaluating Prostate Supplements". In addition to the blatant lie regarding clinical studies they supposedly conducted, they also list "Proven Reputation" as a factor.

This got me thinking . . . What reputation does the product "Ultra Prostate Support Formula" or it's manufacturer "Lawrence Supplements" have ? After all, until last week, I never heard of either.

I did some digging and found positive proof of their scam!

Update 9/27/13
I have just discovered a new fake review site called "Ask Men Answers", which also promotes "Ultra Prostate Support Formula by Lawrence Supplements".

To my eyes, it looks to have been built by the same person who built the "ConsumersGuides", "Lawrence Supplements" and "Altern Marketing" sites.

It has the same format, color scheme and fonts as the aforementioned sites AND also has the same style of fake review . . . implying they are impartial (which of course they are not) and giving their highest recommendation to "Ultra Prostate Support Formula by Lawrence Supplements". No surprise here!.

I'm guessing there are even more fake review sites "out there" promoting this same product. If/when I find any, I will update this fraud alert.

BUYER BEWARE of this family of fake review sites and their product "Ultra Prostate Support Formula by Lawrence Supplements"

ViProsta / ConsumerHealthShop FRAUD ALERT

Here we go again! ConsumerHealthShop (registered 11/4/13) is a brand new fake review site, which rates ViProsta number one. The Websites for both ConsumerHealthShop and ViProsta are registered by the same person (Paul Buchanan of Lawrenceville GA). ViProsta is manufactured by HerbalCom LLC (also from Lawrenceville GA). HerbalCom LLC has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau. They have the audacity to promote their scam using our trademark with the following caption:

"Learn the truth about it. Get the facts before you buy"

. . . as if anyone would expect to get the truth or facts from such an unethical company!

Prostate Pill Report: - ProstaVar
(aka Prostate Pill Insider, M.D. Health Reports and Stigwood Research Institute)


Prostate Pill Report and Prostate Pill Insider are two new web sites which display the names Stigwood Research Institute and /or M.D. Health Reports on their sites to apparently give the impression that they are sponsored by or associated with an independent, accredited, research agency, providing impartial ratings and reviews of prostate products. They have rated Prostavar number 1 with an A+ grade.

Upon researching the legitimacy of this, it was discovered that both of these sites as well as the Prostavar website, not only have their domain-name ownership's hidden, but coincidentally . . . they happen to use the exact same private registration service to hide their ownership. This in itself can not be considered proof of fraud, but it certainly is VERY suspicious. Furthermore, given the unethical history (see below) the makers of Prostavar have had, this type of misrepresentation seems right up their alley and a serious conflict of interest seems very likely.

Consumers need to be aware that these sites do NOT appear to be independent or impartial in any stretch of the imagination . . . rather . . . they appear to hide their likely ownership interest in Prostavar and trick people into buying this product based on the A+ rating they gave it, using quotes like this "Achieved the highest lab scores of any product! No wonder it works so well!"

They claim to have gone through the very expensive process of testing all the competitive products included on their list. One of the things they supposedly test for and base their high rating of Prostavar is "free fatty acids", which actually have no therapeutic value what-so-ever in treating prostate enlargement. One wonders why they would place such a high emphasis on and test for an ingredient that has no therapeutic value ? Could it be that they are trying to create demand for their product by misleading consumers about the importance of this ingredient and then bragging about how much of it their product contains ?

Does it seem like a mere coincidence that both The Stigwood Research Institute and the makers of Prostavar foolishly give such a high weighting to this unimportant ingredient ? . . . or does it seem more likely that Stigwood Research Institute and the makers of Prostavar are in cahoots with each other, having the same ownership or at least a common financial interest ?

For a research institute that is supposed to be scientific and impartial they sure sound like a company trying to sell their own product, using quotes like this "Remember these scores are PER DOSE! It has more in ONE DOSE than many of the products have in their entire bottle! Bottom line- record break score- think Tiger Woods, Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle and Jerry West all rolled into one!"

Furthermore, Superbalife International, the company listed on the Prostavar product label, has received an "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) . The BBB provides these facts as the basis for their "F" rating:

  • 51 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years and twelve months
  • Further Complaint Information and facts- Those with complaints state not authorized debit or credit card use, false advertising, failure to honor their money back commitment, in addition to inability to acquire refunds. Many other customers complain this product doesn't work as promoted, or that information regarding the terms and conditions with the offer are uncertain as well as that company employees try and verbally modify the conditions when called by customers to request refunds or perhaps credits. Some complainants allege after returning products for refunds, the business issues only limited refunds. Others complain that while they are assured refunds, the manufacturer doesn?t send them. This company responds to a few complaints by agreeing to issue full or partial refunds, disputing allegations, and also offering explanations or even clarification on their policies, small print. Some who have complained dispute they actually have the promised refunds. Allegations of unauthorized purchases as well as false promoting have been normally not addressed.
  • The BBB says "We strongly question the company's reliability for reasons such as that they have failed to respond to complaints, their advertising is grossly misleading, they are not in compliance with the law's licensing or registration requirements, their complaints contain especially serious allegations, or the company's industry is known for its fraudulent business practices". The BBB also goes on to say "Complainants allege unauthorized credit or debit card charges, false advertising, failure to honor their money back guarantee, and inability to obtain refunds. Other customers complain the product does not work as advertised, or that disclosures regarding the terms and conditions of the offer are unclear or that company representatives attempt to verbally change the conditions when contacted by customers to request refunds or credits. Some complainants allege after returning products for refunds, the company issues only partial refunds. Others complain that although they are promised refunds, the company fails to send them."
  • The tacticts deployed by this company may fool some people . . . hopefully, that does not include you. The apparent conflict of interest regarding site ownership, in combination with the inconsistent and false statements they make about other prostate products, as well the misleading and self-serving comments they make about Prostavar . . . AND their "F" rating from the BBB demonstrate to me, their total lack of credibility and ethics. If all of this was not bad enough, this company has blatantly infringed on and plagiarized our copyrighted web content. They are not the first company to do this online, but they are the first company (that I know of) who had the audacity to actually publish a magazine (The Men's Guide to Prostate Supplements) which contains our copyrighted content verbatim.

    Please do not be scammed by this company! . . .

    Our review of this company should be enough to dissuade you from having anything to do with them . . . but for the sake of completeness . . . let's now take a closer look at the product they promote:



    Prostavar RX made by Superbalife International is proudly promoted as being "the most expensive natural prostate product in the world". At $49.95 per bottle it clearly is! On their website, they say "Prostavar is quite expensive due to its high doses of the essential components in the formula." They apparently are referring to the saw palmetto extract they use. But as has already been shown, saw palmetto which is comprised almost entirely of "fatty acids", with only a very small part "beta sitosterol", is actually very ineffective as a treatment for BPH AND can even be potentially harmful.

    The supposedly independent Prostate Pill Report makes such a big deal about the high levels of "free fatty acids" contained in Prostavar RX, as if that is important . . . they even make the ridiculous, unfounded claim that this is why "more men seem to get better results". There are no clinical studies (that I am aware of) which back up this self-serving claim. Does that sound like the kind of conclusions a legitimate research institute would make ? or does it sounds like misinformation coming from a pseudo company pretending to be independent, but actually just promoting their own product ?

    What's important to understand here is that the fatty acids have no therapeutic value at all. On the contrary, it is the "beta sitosterol" component of saw palmetto that makes up the supporotive constituents . . . and in actuality, saw palmetto has very little "beta sitosterol" content.

    Furthermore, when considering that beta sitosterol has been clearly shown to be the most important ingredient for supporting prostate health, it is quite amazing that a product as expensive as Prostavar RX only contains 50 mg of beta sitosterol, yet they claim that amount is "higher than any competitor" . . . which is a rather absurd statement to make and is just NOT true.

    The makers of Prostavar brag about their product containing 28 mg of quercetin. They go on to say "According to a study reported in Urology, men who took a supplement containing quercitin reduced most of their symptoms by at least 25%, including pain and inflammation." This is a rather absurd quote . . . first of all, they don't mention what symptoms were reduced . . .
    implying that it helps with BPH. Secondly, they don't say what the dose of quercetin used in the study was . . . they only say "a supplement with quercitin" . . . which is ridiculous. They seem to imply that taking any quercetin (even the mere 28 mg/day that their product contains) will help you. And lastly, what they say is a"drug claim" which the FDA does not allow for a supplement. In otherwords, any product that makes drug claims, which has not been approved by the FDA, is considered an illegal drug.

    The truth is that quercetin is a great supplement to take for supporting prostate health but the supportive dose is at least 250 mg/day . . . the 28mg/day that Prostavar RX provides is a joke. In our industry we use the term "window dressing" to describe product labels that try to impress by listing every ingredient under the sun, yet use less than therapeutic doses of these bragged about ingredients. This is a classic example!

    If there was a way to add 250 mg of quercitin to Prostate Miracle® we would have . . . but it just didn't make sense to make Prostate Miracle® into a much larger capsule or alternatively, to provide a product (as they did) which doesn't provide enough quercitin to be effective. That is why Nature's Health Supply, Inc formulated Estrogen Balance® . . . a companion product to Prostate Miracle® which provides 250 mg of Quercetin as well as DIM and Flaxseed.

    I find it quite amusing that on their website, apparently offered as evidence of their product's superiority, they show a picture of the semi-automatic capsule filling machine they use during their manufacturing process, as if using this machine somehow makes for a better product . . .
    this is another rather absurd point they try to make.

    Lastly, the name of their product Prostavar RX is somewhat misleading . . .
    it seems to imply that Prostavar RX is a prescription drug or is of "prescription strength", which of course is NOT true.

    All in all . . . the marketing strategy for Prostavar RX is very clever . . . though in my opinion . . . highly unethical! They probably fool many customers into thinking Prostavar RX is "prescription strength" and the best money can buy. Ultimately however, Prostavar is NOT even close to being best . . . just the most expensive.

    Beware of this company, their scam website . . . and their bogus product

    Prostate Support Center
    (aka Prostate Health Guide)

    - ProstaPrin FRAUD ALERT

    Here we go again . . . yet another fake review site promoting their own product!

    These fake review sites must be fooling a lot of unsuspecting people, because the number of them found on the web has been growing at an alarming rate.

    In this case, the fake review site is called Prostate Support Center and their product (which they rate number one) is Prostaprin. And, as is typically the case, both of the respective sites in this scam display no phone number and hide behind private registration services.

    They don't tell you exactly what the product contains and they charge the exorbitant price of $39.75.

    I guess they hope to trick people into thinking that it must be good because it is so expensive!

    Fischer Urology - ProstaNew


    Why is it that just when one scam finally runs its course, another one immediately surfaces to take its place ? Is it just a coincidence or is it part of a very unethical master marketing plan ?

    As their name implies, "Prostanew" is that "new kid in town" and I must admit . . . their marketing plan is brilliant and very well executed . . . but isn't that what you would expect from a scam ?

    Here is how it works. They promote their product on a highly advertised site called "The Fischer Urological Institute", which is supposedly staffed by doctors who are "fed up with current practices in the health care industry" and accordingly have impartially reviewed and performed lab tests on many of the prostate products being sold on the internet. And as you can probably see where I am going . . . "The Fischer Urological Institute" has given their highest rating to:

    drum roll please . . . "Prostanew".

    The websites for both "The Fischer Urological Institute"and "Prostanew" are beautifully designed and really look very professional and legitimate . . . but the BIG glaring problem is that there does NOT seem to be any real organization called the "Fischer Urological Institute" . . . at least NONE that I was able to find ANYWHERE. Their website explains this away by saying "the staff have contributed their knowledge of the most common health problems and remedies, but wish to remain anonymous."

    Does that make any sense at all ?

    And when they say they wish to be anonymous . . . they are not kidding!

    Their site has NO contact phone number, NO email address, NO Doctor names AND lists NO credentials what-so-ever AND the registration of both domain names are hidden behind a privacy proxy. As if that is not alarming enough . . . a whois search on the domain names for and reveals that the former was registered on December 30, 2010, while the latter was registered on January 19, 2011. In other words the website for this supposedly impartial review institute was registered 20 days AFTER the registration of the website for the product which they rate #1. This revelation should be screaming SCAM to any person with an IQ over 50.

    Now if any of this sounds familiar . . . it is because this scam is identical to that perpetrated by "The Prostate Pill Report" (and their various other aliases) where they pretended to be an independent lab, yet rated their own product "Prostavar" number one. This scam was widely exposed, as was their F-Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

    I believe, but can not write with absolute certainty, that both of these scams are being run by the same principals. They may have restructured their business entities and created a new product, but it still reaks to me of the same M.O. Furthermore, there are other similarities which support this theory. Look how similar the names are "ProstaVar" and "ProstaNew" . . . they certainly seem to have been named by the same mastermind, perhaps in such a way as to facilitate a smooth transition away from the reputation problems the former company/product name has associated with it. Now take a look at the 2 websites . . . both designs look very similar as if the same person designed both as well:

    click here to see the ProstaVar website

    click here to see the ProstaNew website

    And finally all sites in both scams hide behind the same privacy proxy. (THE EXACT SAME ONE)

    Enough about the companies . . . for the sake of completeness . . . lets look at some of the criticism they made of Prostate Miracle®:

    1) "DHT is a form testosterone that inflames and irritates the prostate. Prostate Miracle® just has beta-sitosterol. There are many more ingredients that are helpful for BPH."

    2) "Anti-inflammation ingredients will reduce the irritation and swelling your prostate has and prevent further damage. Prostate Miracle® has none of these."

    3) "Prostate Miracle® just has four ingredients. We recommend using a more comprehensive supplement that also include anti-inflammatory ingredients."


    Advanced Bionutritionals is company that distributes "Advanced Prostate Formula" as well as a number of other health products including Pectasol and other formulations developed by Dr Isaac Eliaz, which are also sold through EcoNugenics.LLC.

    Before, discussing their product "Advanced Prostate Formula" I want to first talk about their company and the history that Nature's Health Supply, Inc® has with EcoNugenics.

    First of all, I think it only fair to say that both Advanced Bionutritionals and EcoNugenics have a very well qualified and impressively credentialed team of professionals, who all write very well about their products.

    Now for an account of the history we have had with them.

    In 2005 Nature's Health Supply, Inc® approached EcoNugenics with a proposal to feature Dr Eliaz in a TV infomercial, promoting our new (at the time) healthy detox support formula called Pectin Plus®, which uniquely combines Citrus Pectin with the extracts of both garlic and cilantro. At that time, EcoNugenics expressed some interest in the project and we had some dialog discussing the details of how this prospective project might work. We never did reach any agreement however and the next thing we knew, Dr Eliaz had introduced his own combination detox product. I am not suggesting that anything improper or unethical occurred, I am just stating what happened.

    We were somewhat disappointed in this development and when we expressed our thoughts to EcoNugenics, they suggested that perhaps Nature's Health Supply, Inc.® could promote their new product on TV instead of ours and in return they would give us a very favorable distributor price break making it a win-win venture. It took some time before they provided us their special price list, but when we finally received it, we was shocked at how "way over priced" their product was. Even worse, the "special" distributor price list they had promised was an insult to our intelligence. Where as, we were expecting discounts based on the purchase of 1000's of bottles at a time, they were only offering a marginal discount off their very high retail price, based on purchases of 24 bottles at a time. What a joke!

    Obviously we could never benefit from that kind of relationship, so we went on to launch Pectin Plus® ourselves without any association with Dr Eliaz or EcoNugenics at all. Shortly thereafter, we received a letter from a law firm representing EcoNugenics demanding that we cease and desist from citing any of Dr Eliaz's citrus pectin research on our website and also from using the ingredient Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) in our product, unless of course we bought it from them (at their ridiculously high price of course).

    The raw material we had been using was in fact modified citrus pectin and even though we figured we had every right to use this raw material in our product, ultimately we decided that It was just not worth fighting over in court, particularly because, we had never seen any studies demonstrating that modified citrus pectin was any more supportive of healthy detoxification than generic citrus pectin. Additionally, we found a source of citrus pectin which unlike that used in Pectasol, is derived from grapefruits, which were grown pesticide free. (wild crafted). We feel (and so do our customers) that this a great advantage over products like Pectasol (and others) which could very well contain pesticides. Exposure to pesticides in not exactly what one wants, when one want to support health detoxification.

    In our opinion, just as with all of the EcoNugenics products, the Advanced-Bionutritional line of products are very much "over priced". As an example, they sell their Vitamin D3 product for $9.95 per bottle, which sounds cheap until you discover that the bottle only contains 60 capsules. Nature's Health Supply, Inc® was one of the first companies out there selling a 5,000 iu capsule of Vitamin D3. A bottle of our Vitamin D3 product (Dmax) contains 250 capsule for only $22.95 . . . obviously a much better deal than theirs particularly when you consider that we offer even deeper discounts on orders larger than 1 bottle. Of course, there is nothing unethical about charging a high price . . . a company has every right to charge what ever they want for their products. But that does not mean that customers should be willing to pay such high prices. Naturally quality comes at a cost, but sometimes a higher price fools some people into believing it is better quality, when it is not . . . just more expensive. (the single bottle price of "Advanced Prostate Formula" is $39.95 per bottle, while the single bottle price of Prostate Miracle® is $25.95. The price difference is even more pronounced with larger orders)

    Prostate Care

    HealthyChoiceNaturals (aka MensHealthTech) produces a "knock off product" which they call "Prostate Care". They have deceptively promoted "Prostate Care" as a "new and improved Prostate Miracle®". . . . which seems like an obvious ploy to trick people who are searching for the original Prostate Miracle®, by Nature's Health Supply, Inc.

    Their price is significantly higher than Prostate Miracle® and so some people have been fooled into thinking . . . hmmm . . . "new and improved" Prostate Miracle® . . . it costs more . . . it must be better.

    This deception couldn't be further from the truth and has propagated lots of confusion in the marketplace . . . So let's set the record straight . . .

    HealthyChoiceNaturals and their "knock off" product Prostate Care are not related in any way, shape or form to Nature's Health Supply. Inc and Prostate Miracle®

    In fact our legal department has served them papers demanding that they cease and desist from infringing on our registered Prostate Miracle® trademark. After many phone calls to their corporate office, and after many unfulfilled promises, finally they did comply . . . but just for a short while . . . and then commenced again (perhaps thinking that they could "get away with it" again using a different company identity). Ultimately, Google stepped in and forced them to stop their deceptive online advertising. Amazingly enough, even today, they continue to advertise using our registered trademark (Prostate Miracle) as a search term and also use the deceptive name (Miracle Prostate) in the headline of their online ad. We understand that when you are "number one" everyone one wants to ride on your "coattails" . . . but don't you think this is going too far ?

    Beware of this company . . .

    But enough about their company . . . Let's look at their formula . . .
    It has 300 mg of beta sitosterol . . . that's good . . . it has zinc citrate . . . that's good too
    . . . but why do they provide 30 mg per serving ? . . . that amount of zinc is WAY too much
    . . . and could even be potentially dangerous.

    Their product also contains some DIM . . . (diindolymethane) . . . that's a nice idea . . .
    DIM truly is a great supplement to take for supporting prostate health . . . the problem is that you need to take 200 mg /day to get any support from it . . . their product only provides 40 mg per caplet . . . which is not nearly enough . . . Taking DIM in such a small amount is basically worthless . . . it does not make their formula any more effective . . . just more expensive.

    If there was a way to add 200 mg of DIM to Prostate Miracle® we would have . . . but it just didn't make sense to make Prostate Miracle® into a much larger capsule or alternatively, to provide a product (as they did) which doesn't provide enough DIM to be supportive.

    That is why Nature's Health Supply, Inc formulated Estrogen Balance® . . . a companion product to Prostate Miracle® which provides 200 mg of DIM as well as Quercetin and Flaxseed.

    "Prostate Care" is now being promoted as "advanced formurla" and contains Bioperine® for which they claim is "proven to increase absorption by up to 60% ". I do not know what their basis is for making this cliam . . . but in my research, I was unable to find any proof to this claim . . . leading me to the conclusion that any company, who would make such a claim relies on hype over substance.

    It is also interesting to note that although HealthyChoiceNaturals sells Roger Mason's book "The Natural Prostate Cure" They must not have read it . . . as Roger clearly states that . . . Lycopene is a total fraud and has no place in a prostate formula.

    Prostexanol by Wellmates

    The company Wellmates is yet another new alias for Healthy Choice Naturals (the same company that produces Prostate Care). As far as I can tell, their new product brand Prostexanol is nearly identical to Prostate Care with just a different name and label. One wonders why a reputable company would create a new brand and identity for their product and company name as many times as the makers of these products have!

    Though their brand and company names are new, their claims are NOT . . . They are making the same exact claims for this new brand as they do for their older brand: "96% effective" and "Relief in 5-7 days" which are both drug claims.



    Vixova is a relatively new prostate formula on the market today, produced by New Generation Labs aka Biogenica, LLC. Neither of these company names could be found on the Vixova website, but were found by searching various whois record databases.

    Vixova is touted by it's producers as a Swedish Prostate formula containing Pollxia™ which they say is a naturally-derived standardized pharmaceutical-grade botanical extract whose efficacy, has been scientifically proven with over 40 years of clinical studies.

    The Vixova website also goes on to say that Pollxia™ is arguably the most studied natural extract in the field of prostate maintenance; and that in many cases, it improves men's sexual ability, specifically increasing semen production and climax.

    WOW . . . On the surface this sounds very impressive. But let's look a bit deeper into these claims.

    First of all a search in the database of the U.S. patent and trademark office ( does not return any results for Pollxia™. Neither does a search in the database of Swedish trademarks (

    So what exactly is Pollxia™ ?

    From what I was able to gather, it appears to be a made up unregistered TM trademark for a pollen extract of 8 pollens. But it does beg the questions: What pollens ? From what plants ?
    How can something so nonspecific be considered standardized and pharmaceutical-grade ?

    Secondly, though, it is true that for many years there have been claims about pollen extracts such as Cernilton and now Pollxia
    these claims are so VAGUE . . . it is virtually impossible to make any sense of them. Furthermore, beta sitosterol has been studied for at least as long as pollen extract has and certainly has much more compelling proof of it's effectiveness as a long term treatment for BPH.

    Even if one could prove pollen extract had any value in treating BPH (overdosed rats hardly count as proof), pollen extract is exogenous (not found naturally in our bodies) and would at best only help some people temporarily. In contrast beta sitosterol, is endogenous (naturally found in our bodies) and for most people provides continued long term improvement in BPH.

    In other words, pollen is essentially useless in the long term treatment of BPH. And the claim of "increasing semen production and climax" is completely unfounded.

    The Vixova website does cite some studies And it is worth noting that it is very common now-a-days to pay a clinic about $250,000 to do a double blind study on your product and then pay some third rate journal to publish it. The small print by law must admit this, but almost no one on earth gets full text studies, so they never see the fine print stating "cost have been paid by producer, etc.". Also these "studies" ALWAYS use a name brand and not generic supplements.

    I am not saying that I know for a fact these cited studies are tainted, but am just saying the whole thing smells very fishy to me!

    The botom line is that even if their claims were true (doubtful) they are drug claims and are thus ilegal.


    Dr. Larry May promotes a prostate product on TV called Prosvent, which contains Pygeum Africanum, Lycopene, Nettle Root Extract, Saw Palmetto Extract, Pumpkin Seed Oil along with Vitamin E and D, Zinc and Selenium. Prosvent is rather expensive ($79.95 for a 60 day supply) and is a proprietary formula blend . . . meaning they don't disclose how much of each ingredient is contained in their product.

    The breakdown of their proprietary formula does not really matter, however because the most important thing to know about Prosvent is that it contains absolutely NO Beta Sitosterol what-so ever. That is right . . . Prosvent is one of the most expensive prostate products on the market, yet it does NOT even contain ANY of the single most important ingredient for supporting prostate health - Beta Sitosterol.

    Warning: We have heard from MANY very angry EX-Prosvent customers, who have innocently taken advantage of Prosvent's "FREE Trial Offer", that not only were they very dissatisfied with the product, but even worse, every month they received 2 more additional bottles, which were charged to their credit card.

    Prostate Power Rx

    Advance Physician Formulas, Inc distributes a prostate supplement formulated by Dr Ray Sahelian, M.D. called Prostate Power Rx It contains SOME Beta Sitosterol, but ONLY 40 mg/2 capsule serving. (not nearly enough) It is worth noting that Prostate Power Rx also provides Quercetin . . . but only 80 mg /2 capsule serving (again . . . not nearly enough).

    The truth is that quercetin is a great supplement to take for supporting prostate health but the supportive amount is at least 250 mg/day . . .
    The 80 mg/ 2 capsule serving that Prostate Power Rx provides is unlikely to provide any support.

    If there was a way to add 250 mg of quercitin to Prostate Miracle® we would have . . . but it just didn't make sense to make Prostate Miracle® into a much larger capsule or alternatively, to provide a product (as they did) which doesn't provide enough quercitin to be effective. That is why Nature's Health Supply, Inc formulated Estrogen Balance® . . . a companion product to Prostate Miracle® which provides 250 mg of Quercetin as well as DIM and Flaxseed.

    One last point about Prostate Power Rx . . . their product name is somewhat misleading . . .
    it seems to imply that Prostate Power RX is a prescription drug or is of "prescription strength", which of course is NOT true.


    Urinozinc is a prostate product made by Vitanergy. Like many companies, who capitalize on the popularity of Prostate Miracle®, their site can be found by doing a google seach for "prostate miracle". They make the claim to be "the only PATENTED dietary supplement for alleviating the symptoms of an enlarged prostate".

    This is a rather absurd claim, first of all can nutritional supplements even be patented ?
    And . . . even if they could . . . is that supposed to mean that a patented formula is somehow better than one that is not ? It is worth noting that Vitanergy does not refer to their patent number anywhere on their site (that I could find). Furthermore, I have searched for their patent on the USPTO website, but was unable find it.

    A look at their supplement facts listed on their website reveals that their product contains some herbs, vitamins and minerals but NO Beta Sitosterol Complex what-so-ever.

    Prostate Health Essentials

    Prostate Health Essentials is a relatively new product made by Senior Life Health. They promote their product online with some rather absurd claims:

    Let's examine these claims closer.

    1. They are THE number one Selling product
    2. "Yes, We have 30+ Ingred. - 30+ Ingrd. are Better Than 4 Ingrd."
    3. Their product Shrinks Enlarged Prostate in 5-7 days. FAST!
    4. Powerful Enough to Knock Down Prostate Infections

    The bottom line is that this product is promoted using absurd, unfounded, self serving ilegal claims. The credibility of a new company using such tactics certainly raises a red fag of concern about their product.

    Super Prostate Formula

    Physicians Choice also promotes a prostate product on TV called Super Prostate Formula. They have an "original" formula and a "new and improved" formula:

    Their original formula contains 315 mg of Beta Sitosterol per 3 caplets (105 mg per caplet). Each bottle contains 90 caplets or 9,450 mg of Beta Sitosterol per bottle.

    Their new formula contains 500 mg of Beta Sitosterol per 4 caplets (125 mg per caplet). Each bottle contains 120 caplets or 15,000 mg of Beta Sitosterol per bottle.


    ProstateMagic is made by Golden Dog Incorporated. Wow . . . talk about a confusing website. On the one hand, they seem to praise the merits of beta sitosterol and even make a point about their product containing a super-charged combination of beta-sitosterol, stigmasterol, campesterol and brassicasterol, but on the other hand, they seem to suggest that beta sitosterol doesn't work and that ProstateMagic, not having it, works so much better.

    Since their website was so unclear, I checked the supplement facts specified on their label to ascertain how much beta sitosterol ProstateMagic actually contains. As far as I was able to see, it contains none. At best there could be some beta sitosterol in the Chinese herbs their product contains, but just as the case with saw palmetto, pygeum africanum, stinging nettles, pumpkinseed and other herbs . . . the concentration of beta sitosterol in these herbs is too small to have any supportive value.

    Their website says that ProstateMagic is made in the USA, but that does not equate to meaning all of its ingredients come from the USA. As far as I know, Chinese herbs come from China. Furthermore who in their right mind would consume any ingestible originating from China which has such an awful track record for purity, contamination and quality control standards in general.

    ProstateMagic is advertised for $49.95, which is very expensive for a product containing no beta sitosterol.


    Merazon Health Products produces a product called Provelex. Their formula contains 400 mg of Beta Sitosterol per 3 caplets (133 mg per caplet). Each bottle contains 90 caplets or 11,970 mg of Beta Sitosterol per bottle.


    HerbDocs, LLC also promotes a product on TV called Prosta-Norm. Their formula has some Beta Sitosterol, but they don't tell you how much nor is there any mention as to the source (USA or China). It is priced at $39.95 per bottle which equates to 54% - 88% more expensive (depending on quantity ordered) than Prostate Miracle®


    Hampshire Laboratories produces a product called Prost-8. Their formula has 300 mg of Beta Sitosterol per caplet, but no mention is made of the source (USA or China). It is priced at $39.95 per bottle which equates to 54% - 88% more expensive (depending on quantity ordered) than Prostate Miracle®


    Robert E. Wheeler MD promotes a product called Peenuts®. Their formula contains NO Beta Sitosterol what-so-ever.


    Gold Canyon Products produces a product called Prostamax. Their formula contains Saw Palmetto & Golden rod extract but contains NO Beta Sitosterol what-so-ever.

    Ultimate Prostate Formula

    Purity Products and Herbalife each have a product called Ultimate Prostate Formula.

  • The Purity Product formula contains some Beta Sitosterol, but only 60 mg (not nearly enough).

  • The Herbalife formula contains NO Beta Sitosterol what-so-ever.

  • The Prostate Miracle® difference

  • Each serving of Prostate Miracle® contains: a whopping 300 mg of Beta-Sitosterol,
    7.5 mg of Zinc, 35 mcg of Selenium and 1000 iu's of Vitamin D3.

  • Each bottle of Prostate Miracle® contains 60 vegetable capsules . . .
    providing 18,000 mg of Beta Sitosterol per bottle.
  • Prostate Miracle® contains the highest quality Beta Sitosterol available. A daily serving provides 600 mg of GMO free, pine based, phytosterol complex (imported from Germany), guaranteed to be 99% pure and contain NOT less than 70% beta sitosterol.
  • Prostate Miracle® is produced in GMP certified labs and distributed by Nature's Health Supply, Inc (a company trusted by thousands since 2001).
  • When you consider that Prostate Miracle® is priced lower than most of these others . . .
    There is just no other product that comes close to it's quality and value!

  • Not All Beta Sitosterol is created equally

    Beta Sitosterol is found in nearly every vegetable we eat, as well in many herbs such as saw palmetto, stinging nettles, pumpkin seeds etc. However, the concentration in these sources is very low. For over 20 years, extracted beta sitosterol has been used, as a much more potent concentrated source than any of the above mentioned herbs. These days, a wide range of beta sitosterol quality, purity and potency are available.

    There is a great deal of confusion, regarding the terms: phytosterols, phytosterol complex, beta sitosterol and beta sitosterol complex. Much of this confusion is propagated by some of new prostate formula companies, who misuse these terms in order to misrepresent their formulas as being "stronger".

    In order to intelligently compare "apples to apples", it is important to clarify these terms. To set the record straight . . . Phytosterols (also known as plant sterols) are a group of steroid alcohols, which occur naturally in plants. Included in this group are the sterols: Beta Sitosterol, Campesterol, Stigmasterol, Brasicasterol; as well as the stanols: Campestanol and Stigmastanol. Of all the components in this phytosterol mix, Beta sitosterol is the most important one for supporting prostate health.

    It is important to understand that beta sitosterol does not exist as an isolated raw material. Technically speaking the extracted form is always a phytosterol mix (aka a phytosterol complex), of which beta sitosterol is just one component. Sometimes this phytosterol mix is referred to as a beta sitosterol complex, but to describe it as beta sitosterol, is technically inaccurate and somewhat confusing, yet so commonly done in the natural health industry, that even we (with this explanation) use the terms interchangeably on our website.

    The amount of beta sitosterol contained in any phytosterol complex, will depend on both the natural balance of the source material as well as the purity of the phytosterols, which is based on the quality and precision of the extraction process.

    In previous years, beta sitosterol was often extracted from sugar cane, but today it is most commonly extracted from soy, with a phytosterol purity of up to 95% and typically containing 40-55% beta sitosterol.

    The majority of beta sitosterol available in the USA today, is now being imported from China. ALL Chinese made beta sitosterol is extracted from soy. Many of the newer prostate formulas out there, use the cheaper Chinese made beta sitosterol. Ever since the early 1980s, when China first began competing in the raw materials sector of the U.S. nutrition industry, their quality control has come into question. Beta sitosterol and other raw materials exported from China are often contaminated with unacceptable levels of heavy metals or with the residues of herbicides or pesticides.

    Chinese beta sitosterol clearly falls far below the standard we will accept for use in Prostate Miracle®.

    (NON GMO) Pine extracted Beta Sitosterol

    It turns out that the best source for a high quality beta sitosterol extract is pine. Recent technological advances have led to effective methods for extracting a very pure phytosterol complex from pine, which has a very high concentration of beta sitosterol. It is an expensive process and is not done in the USA, but rather in Europe (where the use of GMO's are banned). Having to import it, makes it an even more expensive raw material. It is however, FAR superior to the Chinese and even the USA produced soy extracts, because not only is it more pure and more potent, but also GMO free as well!

    Even amongst the pine extracted phytosterols, there are different qualities available. Prostate Miracle® uses the highest quality phytosterol complex available. Each daily serving of Prostate Miracle® provides a 600mg of GMO free, pine based, phytosterol complex (imported from Germany), guaranteed to be 99% pure and contain NOT less than 70% beta sitosterol.

    Saw Palmetto and Pygeum Africanum are Useless

    In a recent article, "natural healing research guru", Roger Mason says "For years now I've been explaining why saw palmetto, pygeum africanum, stinging nettles, pumpkin seeds and other similar herbs are useless, have no therapeutic effect, do not help prostate health in any way and are mere promotional scams. Yet, men keep buying countless millions of dollars worth of saw palmetto and other such worthless products every year.

    And all of them are equally worthless because they contain such a low concentration of the supportive ingredient beta sitosterol.

    The Beta sitosterol used in Prostate Miracle® is literally two to three thousand times stronger than saw palmetto powder. This means you would have to eat two to three thousand capsules of saw palmetto powder to get an equivalent amount of beta sitosterol contained in one single capsule of Prostate Miracle®. What about the extracts, one might ask? The very, very best saw palmetto extracts are only ten to one extractions so you would still need to eat 200 to 300 capsules of saw palmetto extract. Notice what they say on the extract bottles, "contains 85% fatty acids and sterols". This means you get 99% fatty acids and maybe 1% sterols- if you're lucky.

    Want proof of how useless saw palmetto and Pygeum africanum are? Here is a typical study published in the Gazzetta Chimica Italiana volume 118 in 1988 (page 823). Some chemists at the University of Milan extracted saw palmetto berries and submitted them to very extensive analysis. Mostly they found common fatty acids like we find in our everyday foods. They found very minor amounts of caratenoids, alcohols, polysaccharides and a tiny, tiny bit of beta-sitosterol complex. In fact they found a mere one part in 5,000 of beta-sitosterols or only one fiftieth of one per cent. This means in this batch of saw palmetto berries you would have to eat 5,000 capsules to get less than 500 mg of beta-sitosterols."

    Saw Palmetto may actually be
    Harmful to your Prostate

    Three recent scientific studies, surprisingly indicated that saw palmetto may actually harm your prostate health! These studies, which were investigating the effect of saw palmetto on prostate tissue all came to the same conclusion: Saw palmetto has an effect similar to chemotherapy on prostate cells - it kills both unhealthy and healthy cells!
    1. One study published in Prostate (2000 Nov) examined the effect of saw palmetto on stroma cells (the framework cells that build supportive tissue) and on epithelial cells (those which line the glands and ducts of the prostate). The study was done on normal prostate tissue and on BPH tissues from patients treated with and without the saw palmetto. The conclusion was that saw palmetto damages the nuclear and mitochondrial membranes, and causes cellular death in the epithelium and stroma.
    2. Another study published in the Journal of Urology (2000 Nov) investigated the effects of saw palmetto on primary cultures of fibroblasts (cells that produce connective tissue), and epithelial cells from the prostate, epididymis (the tube that provides for the storage, transmission and maturation of sperm), testes, kidney, skin and breast to determine if the action of saw palmetto is selective and specific to prostate tissue. This study concluded that saw palmetto caused damage and death in prostate tissue, though there were no similar changes observed in other types of cells.
    3. A third study published in Prostate (1999 Sep) examined the effect of saw palmetto on benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Again, the results showed there was widespread damage of intracellular membranes, including mitochondrial and nuclear membranes in both healthy and overgrown prostate tissue.
    In light of this new information, it seems prudent to avoid saw palmetto. Its toxicity to healthy prostate cells is reason enough to be concerned about taking saw palmetto.

    Lycopene is a Fraud

    Many Prostate Formulas contain lycopene and according to Roger Mason "Lycopene is a fraud, a hoax, a deceit and deception." Nearly every single "study" that has been published on lycopene has simply been a paid advertisement in a journal funded by and paid for by Lyco-Mato in Israel. This isn't science- it is advertising. If lycopene had any value scientists around the world would be using GENERIC lycopene in double blind studies to prove its value.

    Research update Feb 2011 The American Association for Cancer Research, just published the results of their latest study of lycopene and prostate cancer prevention and concluded that "Lycopene has no role in prostate cancer prevention." Click here to see the details of their study.

    A few years back, there was a published article stating that blood studies of lycopene prove it is effective in treating prostate disease (Pure Appl. Chem. v. 74 in 2002). There were however, serious flaws in the methodology used. It turns out that the researchers measured plasma lycopene levels. The problem with that is that plasma does not carry lycopene. Only the blood serum absorbs the lycopene. Countless, proper serum studies of tens of thousands of men prove beyond any doubt that blood serum lycopene levels are completely unrelated to prostate health in any way, shape or form.

    Ohio State University concluded in an extensive review (Pure Appl. Chem. v. 74 in 2002), "The consumption of lycopene supplements is not currently recommended for prostate cancer prevention or therapy".

    The famous Hutchison Cancer Center (JNCI v. 92 in 2000) basically concluded lycopene is useless when it comes to prostate health.

    Ed Giovannucci has been the biggest supporter of lycopene, but even he admits (Proc. Soc. Exp. Biol. Med. v. 218 in 1998), "However, it is premature to suggest that either tomatoes or lycopene is causally related to protection from prostate cancer or that the consumption of products rich in lycopene will have a beneficial effect for men suffering from established prostate cancer."

    The Japan-Hawaii Cancer Center (Cancer Epidem. Biol. Prev. 6 in 1997) studied serum from 6,680 men and found it unrelated to prostate health.

    The biggest of all studies from NIH and Johns Hopkins University (JNCI v.82 in 1990) studied the serum of 25,802 men and found no relation whatsoever with prostate health and lycopene levels.

    We could go on all day with such studies to prove the lycopene is a useless promotion for profit but you get the idea by now.

    Prostate Miracle® has a Money Back Guarantee

    Look at any other Prostate Formula out there and ask yourself:

    How much Beta Sitosterol does it contain per capsule?
    What is the purity of the ingredients?
    How many capsules does each bottle contain?
    How much Beta Sitosterol does it contain per bottle?
    What is the cost per bottle?

    Once you have done the math . . . you will know that there is no other product that comes close in comparison to the long term prostate supportsafety--> and value of Prostate Miracle®.

    We Guarantee it !!

    Prostate Miracle® offers this guarantee:
    We guarantee that within 60 days, Prostate Miracle®
    will significantly support prostate health for you.
    If it does not . . . just send the empty bottles back
    and we will issue a 100% refund (less the cost of shipping). [an error occurred while processing this directive]

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